UPDATE: 1:00pm- The 25 year old son of the Casper College instructor killed Friday morning was identified as the suspect in the double homicide suicide that has shocked the city of Casper.

Casper Police Chief, Chris Walsh identified 25-yr-old Chris Krumm as the suspected assailant. Walsh says Chris Krumm had arrived within the last few days to Casper from Connecticut.

Casper College Computer Science Professor, 56-year-old Jim Krumm, was identified as the person killed in the compound bow and knife attack at the college Friday morning.
42 year old, Heidi Arnold, also a Casper College instructor was identified as the individual found stabbed to death on Hawthorne Avenue.

Casper Police received the call regarding the Hawthorne Avenue incident just minutes after they arrived at the college. Chief Walsh says they connected the killings a short time after.

Wold Physical Science Center at Casper College
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Walsh says, once at the college, the assailant entered room 325 of the Wold Physical Science Center carrying a compound bow and two knives under a blanket. According to Walsh, the suspect entered the room and struck the Professor in the head with an arrow in front of about 5 students. Walsh says the Professor got up and attempted to fight off the assailant while the students were able to escape. At this point Chris Krumm appears to have turned a knife on himself Inflicting multiple stab wounds and then drove the knife into his father's chest.

Walsh says they are confident that the suspect was operating alone.

During the news conference he quelled suspicions of any love triangle. Both of the deceased had been living together in a romantic relationship. Walsh says a motive behind the killings is still being investigated but he says they have reason to believe it was planned.

He says emergency medical responders tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the suspect who was still showing signs of life when they first arrived. Chris Krumm and his father both died on the scene.

Walsh says students and others on the scene apparently tried to aide James Krumm, but the door had at some point been locked and they were unable to enter.

Walsh says he can't imagine what the students in the room went through, but he says, "The courage that was demonstrated by Professer Krumm is without equal and maybe that will bring some comfort to people."

UPDATE 11:30am- During a press briefing, Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh identified the two victims in yesterday's attack at Casper College as Jim Krumm and Heidi Arnold, both professors at the college. The Suspect has been identified as Krumm's 26-year-old son Chris.

Authorities believe that the suspect stabbed Arnold outside of her home on Hawthorne Ave., then proceeded to the college where he shot Krumm in the head with an arrow from a compound bow. The suspect inflicted wounds on himself with a "very large knife" then stabbed Prof. Krumm with the knife, killing him.

There were 4-6 students in the classroom at the time of the attack.

UPDATE: 10:45am - K2 Radio will be broadcasting this morning's press conference live on AM 1030 KTWO.

UPDATE: 7:00pm- The Wyoming congressional delegation has released a statement regarding the attack at Casper College. In the statement, they express sympathies and assure those suffering that they are not alone.

I am heartbroken for family and friends affected by this tragedy. But it’s in these moments of despair that the strength of our communities and neighbors emerge. Those suffering are not alone.

UPDATE 5:30pm - Casper College has announced on the official "Casper College Emergency Blog" that all campus events and classes will resume on Saturday, Dec. 1. The blog reminds students who attend classes in the Wold Physical Science Center to be on the lookout for posted signs and to be prepared for some adjustments.

UPDATE 3:45pm - Officials have not released the identities of the victims or the suspect, but continue to urge the public to resist speculation and rumor in order to avoid adding "further tragedy to the entire day."

The college has counselors available on the second floor of the Gateway building on campus.

UPDATE 1:15pm - Three are confirmed dead at two separate locations after the incident was first reported shortly after 9:00 a.m. One of the victims is a Casper College faculty member. The suspect is also one of the dead and died of an apparent suicide. The suspect was not a current student at Casper College and the incident does not appear to be school motivated. There were no firearms involved in the crime and the victim’s injuries were caused by a "sharp edged weapon."

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh has also reaffirmed that the public is not at risk and that the suspect acted alone.

We have no indication of any kind of help… The suspect appeared to be completely alone.

UPDATE 12:40pm- All classes, students and areas not involved in a violent incident at Casper College Friday morning have been released. College spokesperson Lisa Icenogle says all students have left the campus.

Offices are now closed as well. The only offices on campus that are open are those that are specificially needed for the incident that occurred early this morning. So obviously public relations is open. We also have counselors down on the second floor of the Gateway building for any body who'd like to talk to a counselor about this incident, but otherwise we're closed.

A second news conference at the college with Casper Police is scheduled for 1pm this afternoon.

Police at 39th and Hawthorne in Casper
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UPDATE 11:45am - During a press conference, Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh confirmed that three people are dead - two on campus and one off campus.

The names of the deceased have not been released pending notification of family members.

Walsh said that no firearms were used, but offered no other specifics.

Neither the college now area schools on on lockdown. Walsh says the public is no longer in danger but urges the public to stay away from the college.

The status of the campus is that I would like people not to come if they don’t need to, and we’re following up with the multiple witnesses in the different classrooms an in the building around here. Limited access is certainly occurring.

UPDATE 11:20am - College spokesperson Fujita indicates that police say there is no reason to believe that there is a second individual. All classes have been canceled.

and so casper police responded very, very, quickly. As soon as they arrived, or shortly after they arrived, they advised us there was one individual that appeared to be deceased and actually they also believe that a suspect was either seriously injured or deceased. Police indicated that that was the case.

UPDATE 11:00am - According to the Casper College Facebook page, Casper Police have lifted the lockdown at the college.

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh says the incident at Casper College today was 'similar to an active shooter situation."

Casper College spokesperson Rich Fujita says that event took place about 9:00 Friday morning and that police took one injured person into custody.

UPDATE 10:30am - Natrona County School District has officially lifted the lockdown for ALL district schools.

UPDATE 10:20am - Casper College is officially on lockdown. An internal email alert sent to all Casper College staff indicates the possibility of a second suspect.

CC Alert: Police continue to advise everyone on campus to remain in place, with doors locked, due to possibility of second suspect.

UPDATE 9:45am - K2 Radio News has received unconfirmed reports of a homicide at Casper College. Casper Police have not released any information regarding in the incident.

According to the Casper College Facebook page, all classes have been cancelled.

All classes and public events on campus are closed for today because of the homicide. More information still forthcoming.

All Natrona County schools are currently on lockdown as a precautionary measure. According to an automated voice alert, all staff and children are safe.

We have reporters on the scene and will bring you more information as it confirmed through official sources.

Tom McCarthy, Karen Snyder and Anthony Pollreisz have contributed to this article.

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