After the events transpired at Casper College on Friday, we have heard from Chief Chris Walsh of the investigation and what that determined had happened at Casper College and on Hawthorne Ave. Who we haven't heard from are the students and one of the students who was in Jim Krumm's classroom on Friday morning was Alexus Knight. Alexus joined us live to recount the events that took place inside the classroom at Casper College.

Listen to the entire interview:

Brian Scott: Alexus, good morning.

Alexus Knight: Good morning.

First off, how are you?

Definitely shaken.

I'm sure of that. If you don't mind, tell us a little about Professor Krumm.

He was the kind of guy… he would always ask you in the morning, "How are you?" and, "What are you up to over the weekend?" He genuinely cared what you thought and he would even take interest in things that weren't computer related. That morning, I had shown him a drawing, before the incident had transpired, and he was just totally enthralled in it, he was like, "Have you taken art classes?" He was… anyone I think could say, he was like a second dad to the students.

Tell me a little bit about Friday morning. Normal start to the morning?

Oh yeah, nothing seemed out of place at all. I arrived there with friends, and then we talked, then we just go our separate was to our classrooms.

So you get to the classroom and what happened?

I just walk in and sit at my seat and get my computer running and, you know, he just talks to us while he is setting up the computer and his programs for the day that he is going to show us. And, it seemed completely normal… and… yeah.

And then what happened?

After I had shown him the drawing that I had mentioned earlier, uh, for me at that time someone just walked into the room holding the compound bow and the arrow and, for me, my mind wouldn't go so much as to think that someone would actually come in and attack him, so my mind goes to - Oh, some kid's trying to funny and try and scare him like they're going to shoot him. When, really, I would just want to show him, because he would be interested in something like that. And so, I has said, "Woah, cool," because I… before this I really like medieval weaponry. Just kind of a side interest.

So unexpected. You did not think that this would be for real.

No, even while it was happening it really didn't register until this other kid in my class, named Brian, literally ran over and grabbed my by the shoulders and said, "Run, run!"

How many students were in the classroom at the time, Alexus?

About five or six.

And as this happened, did any of the students try to intervene?

Alexus: No, we all just fled. My first instinct was to run.

It sounds like the door closed and locked behind you all?

He typically just has his door propped open. We don't ever really have to go and open the door, so I think he just keeps it locked and just unlocks it that once in the morning, that way he doesn't have to worry about locking it up when he leaves, he can just kick the peg out and just walk away knowing his room is locked.

Alexus, I know that all of this happened rather quickly. Did you get the feeling that Professor Krumm was engaging his son?

No, after the arrow hit hi, I got the impression that he was just trying to get as far away as he could. He just couldn't get away quick enough.

Obviously we know more about what happened there in the classroom following that. What happened to you after you got out of the classroom?

Really the only way that I can explain it is that the Lord put me on auto-pilot. Thinking through it now, after the events, I thought, "If this man is going to come and try to run away, he's going to take down whoever gets in his way and I didn't know which way down the hall he was going to go, so I darted into the bathroom, not ten feet way, and huddled behind a stone wall that's there and hid by the sink, hoping that if he were to come in he would go straight to the stalls, thinking that I would have hidden there, and it would give me time to escape, and that's when I call the police.

How long did you huddle there before you felt safe to come out?

I actually stayed there until police had to come and get me out of the room.

I know that counseling services are available to you as students, as well as staff, there on the grounds of Casper College. Have you taken advantage of the opportunity to sit and visit with someone yet?

I went to the debriefing that they held later that afternoon, but after that I tried to get away from it by leaving town with my family.

How tough is it going to be to have to go back to school now?

It's going to be really really hard. I'm not even going to be able to look at the building without crying.

Do you have plans of trying to go back to school this week?


Take some time for yourself?


Will you attend the service tomorrow night? The candlelight vigil?

I plan to.

All right. Alexus, I know how tough this must be for you and we certainly appreciate you spending a little bit of time with us this morning. Know that if there's anything that we could ever do for you, please don't hesitate to call.

Right. Thank you.

Alexus, God bless you.

Thank you.