The following statement from Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh was posted to the Casper Police Facebook page at 12:30pm on Saturday, Dec. 1.

Casper College Incident

Casper, WY – Shortly after 9:00 a.m. Friday, Casper Police, Fire and EMS units were called for a traumatic injury at the Wold Physical Science Building at Casper College; follow-up reports indicated people being stabbed.

An active shooter response was issued and all available law enforcement units within Natrona County responded. In all 33 officers arrived within minutes of the first call. Officers quickly located two males in Room #325. One was deceased and the other showed signs of life. Security sweeps were conducted while medical personnel were enabled to access and treat the patient who was pronounced dead at the scene.

While the situation at Casper College was taking place, a report of a female stabbing victim on the 3700 block of Hawthorne was received. Units responded to Hawthorne to find the woman was deceased as well. Further investigation revealed that each of the 3 dead knew each other personally.

The two deceased males found at Casper College were college professor James Krumm (56) and the suspect, Chris Krumm, his 25 year-old son. The female victim found on Hawthorne was Heidi Arnold (42) who lived at the Hawthorne residence with James Krumm. Chris Krumm was a resident of Vernon, Connecticut.

Investigation has revealed that Chris Krumm stabbed Heidi Arnold to death at the residence on Hawthorne prior to driving to Casper College where he carried a compound bow and two knives, covered by a blanket, into the Wold Physical Science building. Once inside, he stepped into Professor Krumm’s classroom and shot his father in the head with an arrow, knocking him to the ground. Despite being mortally wounded, James Krumm got up and fought with his attacker enabling the students in the room to escape unharmed; an incredible act of courage and heroism to say the least.

No one witnessed the final minutes of the struggle. However, investigators concluded that Chris Krumm stabbed himself multiple times before driving a large knife into the elder Krumm’s chest.

Investigators have determined that Chris Krumm acted alone no one else was harmed in the incident. The motive and events leading up to the attacks are still under investigation.

Thanks goes out to all of the law enforcement and emergency responders from the numerous city, county, state, and federal emergency agencies as well as Casper College staff and faculty. The City of Casper would like to express its deepest sympathies to all friends, family, and others affected by this tragedy.

Chris Walsh
Chief of Police