A ‘silent vigil for justice’ will take place on Sunday, April 25 from 7pm-9pm in downtown Casper.

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The vigil, entitled ‘Speak the Peace,’ will include comments from various community members and it will include a march that will follow the same path of the Black Lives Matter march that happened in the summer of 2020.

Gatherers will assemble at Midwest and David Street and the walk will commence on north David Street, outside of the Hall of Justice. The flyer for the event requires “100% masks, social distancing, and no alcohol.”

Speakers for the event include Brandon Balch as the Master of Ceremonies, RC Johnson, Lisa Smith, and James L. Simmons Jr., the Vice President of Pikes Peak Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The purpose of the event, according to its organizers, is to address the killings of African Americans by police officers, as well as to promote systemic changes in policing and to address ‘structural racism.’

This is not an ‘anti-police’ march, however. In fact, the flyer for the even itself acknowledges ‘appreciation for the Casper Police Department.’

There will be a police presence throughout the vigil which is, as the name of it implies, designed to be peaceful. It is also designed to “give our community a voice.”peak
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