The Casper Police Department is investigating after a laundromat was robbed two nights in a row, allegedly by a man who did not return to the Casper Re-Entry Center last week.

Steve Gibson, owner of Hilltop Laundromat, believes 24-year-old Andrew Melikian is the man who robbed or attempted to rob his laundromat in the early hours of both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Gibson says the suspect tried unsuccessfully to drill out the lock on a change machine, but was able to open a vending machine and take $500. Gibson estimates the damage to the change machine at roughly $2,500.

The suspect was accompanied by a woman, security video shows. Laundromat employee Arturo Delgado says the woman left her laundry in a washing machine when the pair took off.

Gibson says he chased the suspect out of the laundromat at about 3 a.m. Wednesday, then searched the area for him and let other businesses know about the robbery.

Gibson says responding police officers and investigators with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office -- who have been searching for Melikian since he failed to return to CRC days ago -- have been very professional in handling his case.

But, Gibson emphasizes, CRC has been no help whatsoever. Gibson chastised the Casper Re-Entry Center for its lack of controls over inmates who are able to leave CRC for work and simply not return. He is also critical of CRC for not knowing what an inmate is wearing when they are allowed to leave.

Gibson hopes the video will be shared across social media and someone with information on the robbery or Melikian will contact law enforcement.

Courtesy: Hilltop Laundromat
Courtesy: Hilltop Laundromat

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