One of the men in an alleged robbery at a Casper Walgreens pleaded not guilty to three felony charges: kidnapping, conspiracy to deliver controlled substances, and conspiracy to commit burglary (which the judge stated might be amended to robbery upon further investigation). The highest penalty could put him behind bars for up to 20 years.

Charles M. Jemison is being represented by Public Defender Kurt Infanger.

Infanger asked the judge to consider a bond reduction, from $150,000 cash or surety to $60,000 cash or surety. Despite Jemison's lack of criminal history, the prosecution is concerned with his lack of ties to Wyoming. Judge Catherine Wilking denied Infanger's request.

Coconspirator Curtis Green is scheduled for an arraignment on Tuesday, August 8th at 8:30 a.m. (or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard) before Judge Kerri Johnson.

Court records state that Green is being represented by attorney Steven Iberlin.

The third party in the allegations, Joshua Slaughter, has already been arraigned. Slaughter pleaded not guilty. He is being represented by Public Defender Denny Harts. A trial will be set at a later date.

The allegations suggest that in May, the trio went to the Walgreens on Wyoming Boulevard and made off with 2,137 Hydrocodone pills, 477 hydromorphone pills, and 741 oxycodone pills - all in varying milligrams. The affidavit supporting the charges says the value of the pills totaled $4,715.45.

Surveillance shows two males in dark hoodies enter the pharmacy; one jumps over the counter with his hand in his hoodie pocket. Later, a visibly shaken store employee told police it appeared he had gun.

During individual interviews with the suspects, Slaughter told police there were no guns or knives involved and that he would not have gone had there been. He said he did not know that Jemison was going to pretend that he had a gun.

Jemison explained that the idea for robbing Walgreens was inspired by a video they had seen on Instagram and that they had been planning it "for some time."

He advised that the plan was to take the pills back to Stockton and sell them, hoping for aroud $9,000, which would be equally split amongst themselves.

Greene said little about what happened. "I just feel hella stupid right now, for real for real. I just feel hella dumb."

The suspects were ultimately aprehended in Converse County by the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Pursuant to a search warrant, investigators found the stolen medication, marijuana paraphernalia, a scale, a small pistol magazine, and rifle ammunition. The affidavit says these items were logged as evidence.

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