Casper police have asked for the public's patience as they investigate the accident downtown on Thursday that sent a seriously injured cyclist to a Denver hospital.

"I know everybody's curious," said Detective Sgt. Richard Brown.

"It was a traumatic event just for the community itself; I know a lot of people observed it," Brown said. "Just have patience."

A lot of people have called the police department asking for updates about the cyclist and the progress of the research in the accident involving an SUV and the bicycle about 7:40 a.m. Thursday, he said.

Thursday afternoon, Lt. Mike Thompson said police probably will arrest the driver of the SUV, adding any charges depend on the results of the investigation.The names of the driver and the cyclist, both young males, have not been released, Thompson added.

Brown said people are curious, but calls detract from their work as they deal with the family, the district attorney, and the very complicated research into reconstructing the accident scene.

"We're working several venues of the investigation, including vehicle autopsies -- a lot of formulas going into play including the speeds and angles of the vehicles," he said.

That takes time, almost as much time as a homicide investigation, he said. Brown estimated this case will take about a week.

And the cyclist deserves the effort, too, Brown added.

"Anytime we have any extensive injuries we do what's best for the victim," he said. "It is a time-intensive investigation."

Hour-long television crime dramas, including commercials, give the impression that police and the justice system can resolve a tragedy just as fast, Brown said.

But those shows don't show the wear-and-tear on the officers, or the voluminous paperwork that occupies much of their time, he added.

While asking the public to refrain from calling for updates, Brown still wants any witnesses to the accident or those having information related to it to call the police department at 235-8278.

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