The Natrona County Sheriff's Office cited three businesses with liquor licenses during compliance checks this week, Sgt. Aaron Shatto said Friday.

Deputies cited these bars for selling alcoholic beverages to minors: the Arcade Bar in Edgerton, the Horseshoe Bar on West Yellowstone Highway, and the Black Gold Grille on English Avenue, Shatto said.

The Sheriff's Office conducted the compliance checks on Monday and Thursday, he said.

It recruits people who are 20 years or younger who enter the business and ask to buy alcoholic beverages. If the server asks how old the person is, or asks for identification, the customers will say they are under 21.

"There's no trickery involved," Shatto said.

After the underage person leaves the business, a deputy will enter and give the server paperwork showing whether the business passed or failed. Passing businesses receive a $10 gift certificate, he said.

If the underage person is able to buy alcohol, a deputy will cite the server for furnishing alcohol to a minor. The citation is a misdemeanor, and the amount of the fine is up to the court, Shatto said.

Sheriff's office conducts the compliance checks twice a year: once before July 31 and once before Dec. 31, he said. "So they don't know when we're coming."

These businesses asked for identification:

  • Sloans General Store at Alcova.
  • The Sky Terrance Lounge at the Casper-Natrona County International Airport.
  • The Sunset Bar and Grill at Alcova.
  • The Lazy 8 Bar on the Old Glenrock Highway on the Natrona County line.
  • The Hangar Restaurant in Bar Nunn.
  • Midway Liquors in Midwest.
  • The Big D Truck Stop in Midwest.
  • Chatters Bar in Bar Nunn.

These businesses were closed:

  • The Tree House Restaurant on Casper Mountain.
  • Prairie Schooner in Edgerton.
  • The Rimrock Bar near Midwest.
  • Racks on West Yellowstone Highway.
  • Northern Dreams on West Ormsby Road.

The Natrona County Commission reviews, renews or issues liquor license applications in February.