The Natrona County School District has denied the allegation that the principal of Park Elementary School was told by local law enforcement about a possible sexual predator who exposed himself to a student.

In a press release issued about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, the district said it had concluded its investigation into her parent's assertion on April 25 to its board of trustees about the alleged predator.

This is the statement:

Natrona County School District’s investigation regarding a recent situation involving an alleged miscreant in the vicinity of Park Elementary School has been concluded. Reports indicating that a Park Elementary School administrator was notified by local law enforcement of a possible threat to students near the school were found to be unsubstantiated. Local law enforcement did not receive a specific report or have any knowledge of a direct threat to students and staff at Park Elementary. Local law enforcement did not specifically inform Principal Dawn Dewald of an impending safety risk to students, as there was no such information to report. With the full cooperation and assistance of local law enforcement, the investigation has been concluded.

The investigation follows Amanda Huckabay's testimony in which she said, "I am appalled that the parents of Park School were not notified of someone hanging out in our neighborhood doing these things; somebody who told the police he fantasized about abducting children."

Huckabay did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment late Wednesday.

Another parent of a Park Elementary School student said her neighbors told Casper Police about Day last summer.

The parents' concerns were not only about Dewald, but also about communications within the school district and with local law enforcement.

In Wednesday's press release, the district said it is still working to ensure board policies, regulations and procedures are in place to ensure student and staff safety.

"This includes collaborating with local law enforcement relating to mutual efforts to keep students and staff safe. As updates to communication procedures, education regarding student safety, and efforts with local law enforcement are developed, NCSD will share this information with all stakeholders. NCSD’s dedication to the safety of students and staff will remain our primary focus."

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