The Natrona County District Attorney said Wednesday that his office will not file criminal charges against the driver of a car that ran over and killed a woman in a restaurant parking lot in late October.

Mike Blonigen said the incident was an accident, although its possible the people involved could file a civil action, which does not require as high a standard of proof as trying to win a criminal case.

The accident occurred at the west side Pizza Hut, 3738 CY Ave., about 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct.30, according to court records.

Sharon Vukad, 64, was taken to the Wyoming Medical Center where she died of her injuries.

The investigation was complex, Casper Police Detective John Hatcher said later that week. "Anytime someone dies you have to take all measures to make sure that the case is investigated at its fullest.

Those investigations take time, and can be frustrating to the families, and to the public, he said. “We have to make sure all of our ‘T’s”  are crossed and the ‘I’s’ are dotted so that if something is of foul play, and there are charges and stuff going to be going to trial, that we’re prepared to go and present a case and give a person their fair day if they’re being charged."