The police chief of Evansville is recovering after suffering an aortic aneurysm shortly after last Thursday’s deadly shooting at Taylor’s Sports Bar.

Evansville mayor Phil Hinds says Zach Gentile checked into Wyoming Medical Center on Thursday afternoon after collapsing. Hinds say gentile will spend the next few weeks resting.

“He’s doing well.” Hinds said. “He expects to be out in a few days and back at home, and he’ll probably have a two to four week recovery period depending on how he’s doing.”

Hinds says Gentile’s aneurysm was not triggered by anything stemming from the incident at Taylor’s last week.

“As far as the doctors can determine, it was genetic,” Hinds said. “It happened, it was just coincidence that it happened when it did, but he’s going to be fine and they caught it in plenty of time.”

Capt. Tom Laughrey is serving as the Evansville police department’s interim chief. Hinds says Gentile will return to work after he makes a full recovery.