The Evansville Police Department has offered additional information regarding the pursuit that took place through Evansville in Casper on Friday night.

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Per a release from the Evansville PD, in the early morning hours of Friday, August 12, an attendant working at the Loaf 'n Jug in Evansville called police and reported that they had been robbed by a male individual.

The individual, according to the report, lifted up his shirt, showing a gun, and asked for money.

That same suspect then performed another robbery of a Casper Loaf 'n Jug and attempted to perform a third, but the attendant there locked the doors after hearing about the other two.

The suspect was driving an SUV with Colorado license plates.

Law enforcement officials spent the day Friday looking for the suspect.

[All quotes were copied directly from the Evansville Police Press release and were unaltered] "At about 8:50 pm Evansville Officer Hawes was on patrol and noticed an SUV pull up on the south side of the Loaf n Jug that had Comorado plates an matched the description of the one the suspects in the agrivated robbery were in," the Evansville PD wrote.

Upon attempting to make contact, officers said that the suspect fled and violated several traffic laws. A pursuit was initiated and traveled west down Highway 20-26, the same area where a double homicide had been reported days earlier.

The pursuit continued into Casper, and Casper Police officers joined the chase.

It was said that the suspects had committed "violent felonies" in both jurisdictions.

The vehicle containing the suspects continued driving in downtown Casper, driving erratically in the rain. Finally, due to the rain and the reckless driving, the car hit an electrical box that powered the stoplight located at 2nd street and Kimball street.

"The passenger climbed out the passenger door window which was facing upward as the vehicle came to a stop and rested on its driver side and then took off on foot to keep alluding the officers from both jurisdictions that were attempting to apprehend the suspects of the aggravated robberies with a firearm," the Evansville PD wrote.

Following a brief foot chase through the rain, the suspect was apprehended.

Casper Fire-EMS was called to the scene as well, as the other suspect was still in the car, which had tipped onto its side.

"The fire /rescue units had to cut the roof off the top of the car which which was discovered to be stolen out of Colorado," Evansville PD wrote. "The second suspect was searched to make sure there were no weapons on thier persons before being transported to WMC for injuries sustained from the crash as well as the other suspect. The main suspect was still wearing the same clothes from the first robbery and it is believed they were about to commit a second agrivated robbery. Both subjects have charges pending from both jurisdictions."

The release noted that officers were "soaked to the bone" at the conclusion of this chase.
"This incident showes the resolve our local law enfocment officers and first responders put forward to protect our communites and how two agencies working togeather to catch the criminals who are put victimizing the citizens and bussnisses in our communities," the release stated.
The Wyoming Highway Patrol was also asked to assist with the accident.
"The Evansville Police Deparment thanks Capser PD for working with officers to apprehend the suspects, as well as Natrona County Deputies who assisted in other calls that came in during the event, Wyoming Highway Patrol and the first responders who stood in the rain with us." the release concluded.
Photos of the aftermath of the wreck can be seen below:

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