The Casper Police Department is proposing a change to malt beverage permitting.  City law enforcement would like to establish a code that provides an option to deny or revoke a malt beverage permit. The proposal came before city council this week.

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Chief of Police, Chris Walsh addressed Casper City Council at their work session on Tuesday.

"Right now we don't have, there's no common set of guidelines, if you will, to regulate the denial of a malt liquor beverage permit and they're wide open. Anyone can apply for one."

Walsh is proposing that council establish a criteria for determining reasons for denial or revocation of a malt beverage permit.

A malt liquor license might be issued for a festival, fundraiser, or a rodeo. Chief Walsh points out that often the events they're used at are unregulated with mixed ages in attendance and no oversight.

And he says there  are no consequences for sale to minors.

"so it provides a real easy way for minors to drink and if people are inclined to sell to kids there really is no sanction other than the citation to the actual server."

The idea he says would be that instead of an arbitrary denial, a mechanism would exist for making the decision.

Some of the criteria for denial would include convictions within the past five years by the applicant for DUI, public intoxication, disturbing the peace, or serving to a minor.

City council agreed to bring the proposal to an upcoming regular council meeting for public hearing.