UPDATE 3:40 p.m. Monday - 

The Casper Police Department reports federal agents in Oklahoma took a subject into custody who is believed to be the person responsible for the threatening blog posts on the morning of January 14, 2013.

The suspect was not in Wyoming at the time of arrest. It is believed at this time that the subject did not have any ties to Wyoming and the post was randomly directed towards Casper.  In a statement, Casper Police officials said 

The details are still unfolding so we have little else to offer at this time. We do feel confident that the threat has been handled.


Original Story - Casper Police are investigating a series of threats made on a website, claiming area residents might be in danger. A police spokesperson said the web posts made non-specific threats to the general public in Casper, referencing the use of firearms, as well as unconventional weapons such as baseball bats and kitchen knives.

It appears the initial threat may have come from the website 4chan.  (See Photo)

4chan (Click Image To View Full Size)

The police department has been in contact with the school district and have made them aware of the threats made. The threats were not specific to schools however extra precautions are being taken, along with added safety measures. The schools are restricting access to their buildings as a precautionary measure. The precautionary lockdown was lifted early Monday afternoon.  If you have questions contact the schools Facebook page or call that school directly.

The police dispatch center has been receiving a high number of calls regarding the web posts, and urge area residents not to call the regular non-emergency number regarding the matter. The agency has set up an information line for concerned residents to call (307) 235-6612.

Officials at Casper College issued an alert stating Neither the college nor any other location was specifically mentioned. All classes and activities will continue as normal.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.