Many people near the scene of Friday’s first murder expressed concern or outrage over the fact that the body of 42-year-old Heidi Arnold could be seen in the street for hours after the incident occurred.

That has elicited a response from Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh. He issued a statement Monday regarding the incident.

The Homicides that occurred on Friday, November 30th, required in depth crime scene investigation at multiple locations. During the course of the day at the Hawthorne crime scene the victim was exposed outside. The wind was significant and made it so a tent was not a feasible option. Efforts were made to obscure the scene by vehicles but it clearly was not enough. We found we were not as prepared for this type of scene as we should have been. We will correct that. I have heard the many concerns about this and agree with them. Please accept my personal apology.

Chris Walsh
Chief of Police