On Monday, May 20, the Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center opens to the public for the season. Located in the Old Faithful area, the Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center is a space where Indigenous artists, scholars and presenters from the 27 associated Tribes of Yellowstone National Park directly engage with visitors through demonstrations and discussions. Now in its third year, the center is a partnership between the National Park Service and Yellowstone Forever, with Tribal consultation.

During the 2024 season, 27 presenters from 17 associated Tribes will directly engage with Yellowstone visitors through formal and informal education. Presentations will include photography, beadwork, flint knapping, dancing, storytelling, quillwork and more.

“The Tribal Heritage Center offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with and learn from the original stewards of this land, emphasizing the ongoing cultural significance of the area now known as Yellowstone National Park,” said Alyssa McGeeley, Tribal Engagement Manager, and member of the Muscogee Tribe from Oklahoma. “The success of this initiative is a testament to its power and importance. It has not only educated countless visitors but also strengthened the cultural ties and visibility of the Tribes associated with these lands.”

The Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center is open May 20, 2024, through Oct. 11, 2024. The center is centrally located between the Old Faithful Lodge and the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center.

The Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center is made possible by Yellowstone Forever, the National Park Foundation and generous private donations.

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