Parking next to a fire hydrant can result in more problems than just a ticket. Witness what recently happened in California as Anaheim Fire and Rescue tweeted a picture of what happened when a vehicle blocked access to a hydrant as a fire broke out at a nearby apartment building.

The tweet went viral, and the department got some pushback from folk wondering why they couldn't have fed the hose under, over, or around the car, or tow it (in the time it would take to tow it, Fire and Rescue responded, the building would likely have gone up in flames).

We reached out to Jason Parks at Casper Fire-EMS for a local take on this scenario. Parks said he's seen similar photos over the years of similar circumstances, and although he can't say it's every happened in Casper, it could be a possibility as the law is clear.

"The City of Casper has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code which clearly states in section 507.5.4 that unobstructed access to fire hydrants shall be maintained at all times. The fire department shall not be deterred or hindered from gaining immediate access to fire protection equipment or fire hydrants," said Parks in a statement.  "Communities can amend and make ordinances to specify other requirements specific to their community."
"As I analyze this photo I find it unfortunate that the individual that parked here ignored the red marking on the curb, which would indicate that parking is not permitted there due to the presence of the fire hydrant," Parks continued.

"To go over the vehicle would probably crush the cab due to the weight, thus totaling the vehicle. Going under the vehicle does not seem feasible here as there is clearly not enough room to do so and then we run the risk of the hose being driven over if the person decides to leave." said Parks. "This would damage the hose and render it unusable at that point. Same for going around the vehicle, there just isn’t enough room, kinks in the hose would be a concern."

Parks also said he'd be surprised if the car's owner wasn't issued a parking ticket as well.

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