A state budget request to continue operating the University of Wyoming’s medical education program was approved by the UW Board of Trustees today (Wednesday).

The request includes an increase of $961,285 in recurring dollars over the biennium for increased tuition costs for the WWAMI medical education and WYDENT dental education programs, and $565,000 for loan repayment for advanced nursing students.

In addition, $2.12 million in state general funds is sought to sustain a similar amount appropriated in the current biennial budget for the Cheyenne Family Medicine Residency Program. That funding is needed to continue the current level of operations at the Cheyenne clinic.

In the area of capital construction, $300,000 in one-time funding is sought for a Level 1 study to provide adequate space for WWAMI students during their studies on the UW campus; $5 million is proposed to be set aside for future construction of those facilities; and $1 million is requested to plan for renovation of the Cheyenne Family Medicine Residency Program facility.