Two Casper residents could each face several felony charges after Casper police made a drug bust at an apartment and arrested the pair late Thursday.

Willis W. Wheeler, 52, and 45-year-old Tina Y. Kalkofen were each arrested on recommended charges of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, possession of meth with intent to deliver, felony possession of meth and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. They will likely make their initial appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court at 2 p.m. Friday.

Court documents say Casper police officers served a search warrant at 1416 Burlington Avenue at roughly 11 p.m. Thursday. After knocking several times and receiving no response, officers used a ram to hit the door and enter the house.

Wheeler and Kalkofen were found in the back bedroom. In separate interviews, both of them admitted that methamphetamine would be found in a black case beneath their bed. Kalkofen also identified her methamphetamine as being in a small jeweler's baggie on a dresser near the bed.

The methamphetamine weighed roughly two-thirds of an ounce, or 19 grams.

Wheeler told police he would buy meth from an unknown person who would bring the meth to Kalkofen's apartment at 1416 Burlington, where Wheeler had been staying for about two months.

Wheeler claimed that he would buy between a quarter-ounce and a half-ounce of meth at a time for $500-$600. He claimed that he could use a quarter-ounce of meth in a couple of days, and denied ever selling meth, though he did say he would give some of his meth to longtime friends and Kalkofen.

However, Kalkofen told police that a man she didn't know would deliver "a couple ounces [of meth] at a time" to Wheeler. Wheeler then would give her several grams, and she would sell the meth to others.

Starting in mic-March, Kalkofen said, she redistributed meth that she got from Wheeler to one man on at least 12 occasions. She also admitted selling meth to her daughter in April, adding that all the meth she redistributed came from Wheeler.

Kalkofen claimed that she would help Wheeler cut, package and weigh the meth each time he was resupplied. She claimed she saw Wheeler sell meth to unknown people about a month prior.

Inside the house, police found multiple pieces of paraphernalia with meth and marijuana residue on them. A large bag of marijuana was found underneath the bed -- where the methamphetamine was found -- which weighed 13.57 grams including packaging.

Also in the bedroom, police found a backpack containing a sale, a box of baking powder -- which is typically used as a cutting agent -- as well as multiple baggies for redistribution.

A continued search of the home allegedly revealed torches, pipes with meth residue and more jeweler's baggies, which are often used to repackage and redistribute drugs.

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