Casper police officers arrested three people Friday morning at the Motel 6 after responding to a report of possible drug sales.

Jaden L. Bilbrey, 18, was arrested along with 30-year-old Grace Coleman and 49-year-old Wesley Brown. They were each booked into the Natrona County Detention Center on a recommended charge of methamphetamine possession.

According to affidavits of probable cause, three police officers were dispatched to the motel at roughly 9 a.m. Friday after someone reported that the occupants of a particular room were believed to be dealing drugs. The room had reportedly been rented for roughly three weeks, and people who were "coming and going were causing issues every night."

Management decided to have police officers escort the room's occupants off of the property.

Officers went to the room and knocked for several minutes, receiving no response from within despite indications that the room was occupied. They ended up having to use a key from management to open the door, then a maintenance worker had to undo the top lock in order to allow police access to the room.

Bilbrey, Coleman and Brown were all inside the room when officers entered. Coleman and Bilbrey were about to be allowed to leave when a small white baggie fell out of a pillowcase on one of the beds. Officers believed the baggie contained methamphetamine, and a search warrant for the room was granted by a Circuit Court judge.

Numerous items of drug paraphernalia, including syringes and baggies containing methamphetamine residue, were found in the room. Officers found evidence that someone in the room had attempted to flush some syringes down the toilet.

A suspected methamphetamine rock was found inside Coleman's backpack. A green laptop bag allegedly contained baggies of meth residue as well as papers and documents belonging to Brown.

All three suspects denied possessing any methamphetamine or paraphernalia. They were arrested and taken to jail.

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