The Casper City Council has recently released planned changes to city ordinances relating to the use of electronic scooters.

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In a previous meeting in June, the council spoke with Michael Covato, Central and Northwest Region Territory Manager of Bird, a motorized scooter company, about the possibility of bringing scooters to Casper.

City manager Carter Napier said that they would need to look into altering some regulations regarding scooters to ensure people can properly operate them in the city.

Based on the draft released by the city before their work session, scooters will be treated much the same way as bicycles, from where they can be ridden to how fast people can go.

The ordinance mostly adds e-scooters to each section where it talks about bicycles, saying they have to obey traffic signs, stay off sidewalks in certain downtown areas, and people under 16 years old are not allowed to ride the scooters in downtown areas.

The ordinance also specifies that for e-scooters that are dockless scooters, like the ones Bird offers, no one under 18 years old may operate them and they have a max speed of 15 miles per hour.

There is also a scooter exclusion zone downtown where people are not allowed to ride scooters, which goes from the Casper rail trail up to east A street, between north Beech street and south David street.

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