City councilors in Casper say they will continue evaluating the overall economic landscape before distributing optional one-cent funds to Joshua’s Storehouse and the Mercer Family Resource Center.

During a recent budget session, council tabled a $270,000 funding request from Joshua’s Storehouse. Officials with the hunger relief organization say the funds would have gone toward a $343,000 expansion of a warehouse in downtown Casper.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says council is expecting many additional funding requests from various city-based agencies.

“We need to have an approach to help everybody, and we need to know what the budget cuts are going to be,” Schlager said. “We did not say no to the Joshua’s Storehouse project – we’re mainly delaying for a couple of months so we have time to identify all of the agencies that will be in danger of not being able to operate.”

The Mercer Family Resource Center requested $100,000 from the city to resolve debt caused by reduced federal and state funding.

Joshua’s Storehouse CEO Jay Martin says his organization will likely have to rely on enhanced fundraising efforts if council decides to not approve his organization's funding request.

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