A Powell man who escaped from the Casper Re-Entry Center last week faces new charges.

Twenty-eight year old Ryan Burgess has been charged with escape,  accused of failing to return to the Casper Re-Entry Center following an authorized visit to the Social Security Office.

Burgess was finishing a seven-to-10-year prison sentence for manslaughter charges out of Powell when he was transferred to the CRC about two weeks ago.

Last Wednesday, October 10th, prosecutors say Burgess failed to report to the designated pick-up point, near the Social Security Office in downtown Casper.

Then during the early morning hours on Friday, October 12th, officers found him on two seperate occasions.

Each time, burgess drew a gun at police, but did not fire.  During the second instance, the officer opened fire at Burgess, hitting him in the arm.

This is the second time Burgess has been charged with escape.

The first happened in 2009, when he was at the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton.

He was captured and sent to the Medium Security Prison near Torrington, to continue his sentence.

Burgess is being held on $250,000 bond awaiting trial.