Bradie Gray, a bull rider for the Odessa College Rodeo Team, had his chest stepped on by a bull Thursday night during the College National Finals Rodeo and suffered severe injuries.

Coach C.J. Aragon on Friday afternoon said Gray was "in really bad shape" when he arrived at Wyoming Medical Center late Thursday. Doctors performed surgery right away, and Gray remained in critical condition all night.

Gray suffered two collapsed lungs, broken ribs, a number of other internal injuries and internal bleeding. Aragon says "several surgeries" have been performed, and doctors have since stabilized Gray.

"The doctors here have been doing a phenomenal job," Aragon said.

Aragon said Gray's parents are in from Australia. Thursday's competition was one of the first rodeos they've been to.

"It's been kind of nice that they've been here with him," Aragon said. "He's going to have quite a long road ahead of him."

It's not the first time Gray -- who is now in his third year with the team -- has suffered a severe injury as a result of the sport. Previously, Aragon said, Gray has had his back broken, and his jaw broken twice.

"He's a really tough kid, a really good kid," Aragon said. "Probably one of the hardest-working kids I've ever had."

"He's a fighter. He'll get through it," Aragon added.

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