During its Tuesday work session, Casper City Council will discuss an additional amendment to a proposed ordinance that would make it easier to remove elected council members found guilty of ethics or conduct violations.

According to the council memo for Tuesday’s meeting, the amendment would expand what the city calls “for cause” criteria that could trigger the removal of a council person from office.

The language of the amendment, in addition to penalizing direct violations of the city's code of ethics, would also penalize sexual harassment, workplace violence and the creation of a hostile work environment.

As currently written, the ordinance also penalizes felonies, improper residency, being declared insane or incompetent by a judge, being convicted "of a crime of moral turpitude," and failing to take the oath of office.

The amended code discussion comes after councilman Craig Hedquist was accused of ethics and conduct violations last year. He was found guilty of those violations during a public hearing in May and was asked to resign.

Hedquist, instead, opted to stay in office.

Council passed the first reading of the new code last Tuesday. Two more readings must be passed before adoption. The ordinance will not be formally read at the Tuesday work session.

Council will meet at Casper City Hall this Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

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