On a 4-3 vote Casper City Council, Thursday agreed to bring to public hearing a change to city ordinance that would create restrictions on the open carry of weapons in city meetings.

Drafted by Casper Chief of Police, Chris Walsh, the proposed change would make it unlawful for anyone who is not law enforcement to openly carry a deadly weapon in or at any meeting of the city.

City Attorney, Bill Lubin, cited Wyoming State Statute as providing the authority for the proposed change.

Mayor, Paul Bertoglio, clarified that the proposed ordinance change will likely be heard only once, next Tuesday, and then tabled.

"In essence we put the issue out there and instead of having it at the next meeting for a second reading we can table it. It gives us an opportunity to hear from the public what their concerns are and what their views are."

Bertoglio says the timing is right in order that state legislators have plenty of opportunity before the session next year to listen to what the public has to say about the controversial issue.

At the end of the discussion Thursday Mayor Bertoglio indicated the public hearing will be next Tuesday.   Regular city council meetings happen at 6pm at City Hall, 200 North David Street.