Officials are reminding residents and visitors alike, the burn ban is still in effect for all of Natrona County area including the municipalities. Casper Fire-EMS told K2 Radio they responded Thursday morning to a fire on the edge of town, caused by someone who was burning weeds.The homeowner apparently believed it would be alright because of the recent rains.

The Natrona County Fire District released this information Thursday:

"This burn ban includes, but not limited to, no outdoor grilling with charcoal or wood material, no campfires on any county land and BLM lands with or without established rings. Smoking only allowed inside vehicles, no discarding of smoking material other than established receptacles. No burning of grass, tree and garbage material. Propane grills are still acceptable. 

Even with the rains that we have had in the last few days the ground is still very dry and will still burn. The amount of people that are supposed to be coming to this area we need to be aware of all the burn rules and continue to vigilant to not put the guests to our area and state in danger with an out of control wildland fire that could have been prevented. "

Other information on the ban:

  • Tracer ammunition is now banned for the year.
  • Absolutely no fireworks.
  • No acetylene cutting torches or electric welding except in areas devoid of ALL vegetation and combustible material.
  • No propane or open fire branding except in corral areas cleared of ALL vegetation.
  • Chainsaws must have spark arrestors and a minimum of a 2 1/2 pound fire extinguisher or larger within the work area.

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