The State Department of Education is out with student enrollment figures for this year. Here is the release.

CHEYENNE - Student enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year has

increased from 92,218 to 93,303, according to data compiled by the

Wyoming Department of Education (WDE).

"Our enrollment is up about two percent this year, which is consistent

with Wyoming's overall population growth, according to census data,"

said WDE Data Governance Coordinator Leslie Zimmerschied. "There

were no real surprises."

Laramie County School District 1 remains the state's largest district

with 13,761 students. Natrona County District 1 trails slightly as the

state’s second-largest district with a count of 13,059. Rounding out

a list of the state's five largest districts are Campbell County District

1 (9,134), Sweetwater District 1 (5,719), and Albany County District

1 (3,834).

The state's smallest district is Sheridan County District 3, which has 84

students; Washakie County District 2, with 91 students, is the state's

second smallest district. Park 16's student population fell to 109.

"Sheridan 3 only decreased by 12 students, but that constitutes the

largest change as a percent of the total enrollment (-12.5%).

Fremont 24 increased by 9.4%, the largest increase in the state this

year," said Zimmerschied.

The enrollment numbers are collected by the Wyoming Department of

Education’s WDE684 Teacher-Course-Student data collection, which

was reported by districts on Oct. 1, 2014. The enrollment is a studentlevel

collection, which counts each individual student including his/

her enrollment and demographic information.