Sooooo......I was sitting in the web meeting when it is mentioned by one of the news guys that the Natrona County Sheriff's Department was having a press conference to introduce to the community it's newly purchased air boat.

As the newsroom seemed less enthusiastic than I about this announcement I asked if I could cover the unveiling. Upon receiving the go-ahead I proceeded to call Sgt John Harlin, who is the guy with the keys, and make sure that a ride of some duration came along with the coverage. After the assurance that a ride was indeed forthcoming I grabbed my photojournalist friend Nick and off we went.

The gathering and information dissemination happened at the Government Bridge river access out along highway 220 on a cold and cloudy Wednesday afternoon. A number of Sheriff personnel were on hand to answer questions and to see the boat and, i am guessing, maybe get a ride themselves. Lieutenant Mark Sellers explains that with a large asset seizure and forfeiture the Sheriffs department had some money to plan a new purchase.

Lieutenant Mark Sellers

Here is the guy with the keys and a wealth of knowledge about the boat.

Sgt John Harlin

Now lets go for a ride!!!


With over 600 Horsepower and the ability to go over dry land,water and anything else in it's way, the addition of this latest tool for the Sherriffs department is not only pretty cool but also a much needed implement for the citizens of Natrona County. In it's first month of service it has already been called out 3 times and put into use once.
So if you are out ice fishing, recreating along the river or the lake don't be surprised when you see this boat, that is more reminiscent of the everglades than Wyoming, sharing a little water space with you.