The Natrona County Sheriff's Office recently said on their Facebook page that there's a scam going around in which somebody or somebodies are falsely identifying themselves as NCSO deputies, lieutenants, or captains in an attempt to gather personal and/or financial information.

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Don't fall for it!

"The phone number always appears as a 307 area code on caller ID, and the caller either claims to have 'important civil paperwork requiring immediate attention,' or claims to be from the NCSO 'Warrants and Citations Department.' The person also identifies themselves with a different name for almost every incident. We have found there to be no one employed at our Sheriff's Office under the name(s) they use."

It's not a bad plan as far as scams go, except for the fact that, according to the NCSO, they don't actually have a 'Warrants and Citations Department.' Additionally, they say, they will never contact individuals via telephone to collect money or financial information. If deputies want you, they will meet with you in person and they will always show proper identification.

"If you do receive a phone call that appears suspicious in nature, you may ask for the caller to identify who they are," the NCSO wrote. "You can always call our non-emergency line (307) 235-9282 to verify information with us. Never give out any financial or other personal information over the phone. Please share this information with your friends, family, and neighbors. Stay aware, Natrona County!"

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