The Natrona County Fire District, as well as the Natrona County Sheriff's Office recently performed a water rescue of a woman who was separated from her kayak in the North Platte River.

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"On Thursday, June 23rd at approximately 2:55pm, the Natrona County Fire District was dispatched for a water rescue in the Bessemer Bend area of Natrona County," a joint release from the NCSO and the NCFD stated. "Reporting party stated that her friend had been separated from her kayak and was caught along the bank, down river one mile from the Bessemer Bend River Access. The female patient was uninjured and was wearing a life jacket."

The release stated that Squad 7 of the Natrona County Fire District responded to the scene, along with multiple officers with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, and an ambulance from Wyoming Medical Center.

The NCFD Squad 7 arrived at the Bessemer Bend River Access and deployed their Rapid Deployment Craft, featuring two firefighters who made their way downstream to the woman.

"During the incident, multiple NCSO deputies spread out along the river area and began searching for the patient, her kayak and the RP of the incident; who was on the shore, uninjured but downstream from the location of the incident," the release stated. "NCSO also responded with their air boat (see below) as a secondary rescue craft. The air boat was placed on standby when it arrived on scene but was not used during the incident."

The release noted that visible and verbal contact was made between the firefighters and the victim who, according to the release, was holding onto a collection of bushes near a steep embankment, on a deep section of the river.

"The boat crew was able to rescue the patient and place her into the RDC," the release said. "One of the NCSO deputies’ trucks was spotted along the river just downstream from the patient rescue point. The Squad 7 boat crew, with the patient safely in the boat, banked the boat into an access point near the area of the truck. The crew and patient were able to walk to the deputy’s truck."

According to the release, the patient's kayak and the reporting part were located downstream by NCSO deputies, and they were brought to the NCSO truck. All involved parties met at a rendezvous point, where a WMC ambulance and medical personnel were waiting. The patient was evaluated by medical personnel and was eventually cleared. Following that, NCSO deputies transported the original patient and the reporting party back to their vehicles.

"The Natrona County Fire district would like to thank all agencies involved with this incident," the release stated. "This water rescue was another excellent example of interagency cohesion; emergency crews working together to make sure our citizens and visitors alike are safe and in good hands when emergency situations arise here in Natrona County. This incident highlights a great safety point for the summer: when on the river, or on any body of water, think safe and always wear a life jacket!"

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