This log may not reflect all arrests for this time period. For example, police will not release any information about juvenile arrests. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the defendant is arraigned in district court.

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Everyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The charges listed here are what the arresting agency has recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney's Office. However, formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of arrested people and their charges as reflected in the logs:

  • Dillion Andrews -- Possess Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal -, Manufacture or Deliver Meth or Narcotic Controlled Substance, Create or Deliver Counterfeit Substance - Schedule I, Possess Controlled Substance - Pill or Cap - 3 gram
  • Bradyn Archuletta -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Aaron Blanchard -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Chata Burton -- County Warrant/Hold for Agency
  • Ricky Buzis -- Courtesy Hold Other Agency
  • Robert Byers -- Fail to Appear, County Warrant/Hold for Agency x2
  • Brady Dudley -- Serve Jail Time
  • Katheryn Esmay -- Fail to Appear x2, NCIC Hit, Fail to Comply
  • Duane Evenson -- Resisting Arrest-Interfere with/Hinder/F, Trespassing, Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Sherry Finch -- Criminal Warrant
  • John Gallaway -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Kristen Galles -- Possess Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal -, Use Controlled Substance - Schedule I, II, or III
  • Jacob Galloway -- Criminal Warrant
  • Matthew Gerhard -- Criminal Warrant, County Warrant/Hold for Agency
  • Burl Gies -- Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Zakary Gunn -- Controlled Substance Possession, Breach of Peace, Controlled Substance Possession Meth
  • Daniel Harris -- Marijuana-Possession, Public Intoxication Prohibited, Hold for Mills Court
  • Anthony Holliday -- Hold For Circuit Court
  • Shannon Ingram -- Courtesy Hold Other Agency
  • Johnson  Alexander -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Dante Johnson -- Criminal Entry, Criminal Warrant, Theft of Services, Marijuana Possession
  • Tammy Jonas -- Fail to Comply
  • William Justis -- Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Vernon Kellogg -- Possess Controlled Substance - Schedule I, II, or III, Possess Controlled Substance - Plant - 3 oz or Less
  • James Knight -- Criminal Warrant
  • Alexa Lafferty -- Fail to Appear, Possess Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal -, Accessory Before the Fact
  • Thomas Lopez -- DUI Alcohol =to> .08% - 1st Offense Within 10, Exceed 30 MPH in Urban District
  • Domingo Martinez -- Fail to Comply, Hold for probation and Parole
  • Madison McCarthy -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Latoya Moore -- District Court Bench Warrant x2
  • Jacques Mousseau -- District Court Bench Warrant
  • Bianca Ortega -- Contract Hold/billing
  • David Owyhee -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Philip Ross -- Criminal Warrant
  • Travis Roylance -- District Court Bench Warrant, Hold for probation and Parole
  • Ricky Schear -- Serve Jail Time
  • Kristofer Schultz -- Public Intoxication, Marijuana Possession, Fail to Comply
  • David Souders -- Serve Jail Time
  • Chase Sterling -- Serve Jail Time
  • April Waite -- Fail to Appear, Controlled Substances-Possession x2, Controlled Substances-Drug Paraphernalia
  • Ronald Warner -- Criminal Warrant, Public Intoxication
  • Colton Wilcox -- Camping Restricted in the City
  • Kenton Young Bear-Lovan -- Hold for Another State

A Quick Retelling of the "The Wyoming Incident"

Various versions of "The Wyoming Incident" can be found all over the internet. Below is what seems to be the most widely shared story...but is it true?

I Swear I'll Kill You If You Play That

Recently, a Wyoming man was convicted of assaulting and shooting another man over an argument about a song on the radio.

No one died. The shooter got 7 years and a $1,357 fine.

This much we know but the public never got to hear - WHAT WAS THE SONG?

Imagine yourself on a long Wyoming highway, late at night. You're driving with someone and a song that you just HATE comes on the radio. But they turn it UP and start to sting along.

How bad does the song have to be to justify doing what you are thinking?

Below are some examples.

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