This log may not reflect all arrests for this time period. For example, police will not release any information about juvenile arrests. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the defendant is arraigned in district court.

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Everyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The charges listed here are what the arresting agency has recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney's Office. However, formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of arrested people and their charges as reflected in the logs:

  • Larry Atwood -- Criminal Warrant
  • Stac Barrera -- Fail to Comply x2
  • Jaime Boardman -- Trespassing
  • Zachary Borden -- Serve Jail Time
  • Aliviah Byram -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Kathryn Clark -- Fail to Comply x2
  • David Clinton -- Apply Pressure on Throat or Neck, Domestic Battery - 1st Offense
  • Brandon Debyah -- Hold for probation and Parole, Possess Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal -
  • Callie Dwinell -- Possess Controlled Narcotic Substance - Schedule I or II -, Controlled Substance Possession Meth, Manufacture or Deliver Meth or Narcotic Controlled Substance
  • Timothy Gaffield -- Possess Controlled Substance -- Liquid Form >.3G
  • Amen George -- NCIC Hit
  • Ralph Harding -- Possess Controlled Substance - Plant - 3 oz or Less, Open Container Alcohol/Moving Vehicle - 1st Offense, Turning Reqs Signal and Safety, Drive Without Interlock Device 1st Offense, Drive While License Cancelled, Suspended or Revoked
  • Daniel Harris -- Shoplifting, Fail to Appear
  • Nathan Herrera -- Drive Without Interlock Device 1st Offense, Drive While License Cancelled, Suspended or Revoked, Compulsory Auto Insurance - 1st Offense, Follow too Closely, Display License Plates
  • Anthony Lunsford -- District Court Bench Warrant
  • Marlon Marshall -- Fail to Comply
  • Megan O'Callahan -- Domestic assault
  • Erick Richardson -- Criminal Warrant x2, NCIC Hit
  • Kayla Riley -- Fail to Comply, Bond Revocation
  • Malachy Springer -- Possess Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal -, Criminal Warrant
  • Thomas Surrell -- Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Kayla Tamblyn -- Possess Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal -, Hold for probation and Parole, Fail to Comply
  • Makayla Tighe -- Fail to Appear, Fail to Comply, Possess Controlled Substance - Powder or Crystal -
  • Charlette Whiteman Bearing -- Fail to Comply
  • Casey Wise Spirit -- Public Intoxication Prohibited
  • Ronald Young -- Resisting Arrest-Interfere with/Hinder/F, Criminal Warrant

I Swear I'll Kill You If You Play That

Recently, a Wyoming man was convicted of assaulting and shooting another man over an argument about a song on the radio.

No one died. The shooter got 7 years and a $1,357 fine.

This much we know but the public never got to hear - WHAT WAS THE SONG?

Imagine yourself on a long Wyoming highway, late at night. You're driving with someone and a song that you just HATE comes on the radio. But they turn it UP and start to sting along.

How bad does the song have to be to justify doing what you are thinking?

Below are some examples.

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