This log may not reflect all arrests for this time period. For example, police will not release any information about juvenile arrests. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the defendant is arraigned in district court.

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Everyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The charges listed here are what the arresting agency has recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney's Office. However, formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of arrested people and their charges as reflected in the logs:

  • Russell Anderson -- Hold for WSP
  • Nickerson Arthur -- County Warrant/Hold for Agency
  • Bryce Bedsaul -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Harvey Branden -- Serve Jail Time
  • Gaylin Carson -- District Court Bench Warrant, Bond Revocation
  • Jennifer Carey -- Disturbing the Peace-Causes, provokes, e
  • Michael Colombaro -- Hold for CAC
  • Seth Cook -- Fail to Comply
  • Andrew Fletcher -- DUS-Driving while license suspended/revoked
  • Matthew Geis -- Hold for probation and Parole
  • Andrew Goldstein -- District Court Bench Warrant, Controlled Substance Possession Meth
  • KC Hancock -- Serve Jail Time
  • Aaron Harper -- Fail to Comply, Criminal Warrant, Resisting Arrest-Interfere with/Hinder/F
  • Kenya Jones -- District Court Bench Warrant x2, Criminal Warrant, Resisting Arrest-Interfere with/Hinder/F, Fail to Appear
  • Taffy Maurer -- Fail to Comply
  • Leslie McGuire -- Possess Controlled Substance - Plant - 3 oz or Less, Use Controlled Substance - Schedule I, II, or III
  • John Molnar -- Fail to Comply
  • Senio Nuu -- Courtesy Hold Other Agency
  • Shaun Pacheco -- NCIC Hit
  • Sylvia San Javier -- Fail to Comply
  • Lawson Sims -- District Court Bench Warrant
  • Issac Sitting Eagle -- District Court Bench Warrant
  • Adam Smith -- Fail to Comply x2
  • Derek Twete -- NCIC Hit
  • Rosaline Wilson -- Courtesy Hold Other Agency
  • Charles Winfrey -- District Court Bench Warrant x2, Criminal Warrant, Hold for WSP
  • Cheyenne Winfrey -- Criminal Warrant, District Court Bench Warrant

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