A 3-year-old in Natrona County called 911.

There was no emergency — just apparently a youngin' playing with an adult's phone.

When Natrona County Sheriff's Deputy Kirby arrived to make sure things were all right, he promised Luke he would come back with a badge.

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A post on social media says the Palmer and Fenton families reached out to tell the story.

"(Kirby) showed up today and hung out with Luke for a second and brought him a badge," the post says. "Thank you officer Kirby for being an amazing human to our boy!!! This was incredible with my grandson. Super glad he's out there."

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office says Kirby recently completed training to become a patrol deputy. He previously worked in the detention facility.

"Interactions like this one with Luke are incredibly valuable to our deputies and leave lasting impressions on them," the sheriff's office said. "We're extremely proud to have him out on our county roadways serving and protecting our community!"

Even more fitting: This interaction happened during National Police Week.

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