Laramie County Community College (LCCC) students will likely be shelling out more for school in the upcoming years.

LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer says lower state aid and local tax revenue may force the college to increase tuition.

"I think going into this economic environment it's likely that we may have to consider some type of tuition adjustment and I would probably be supportive of that if we can demonstrate that we truly need those revenues to continue to provide the education that the students deserve," said Schaffer. "So much of that is contingent on what happens with the legislature though."

LCCC receives about 50% of their revenue from the state, about 25-30% from local funds and the remainder from tuition and fees.

"What complicates it further is the local revenues, at least the four mills that are accessed in each community college district, are actually collected at the state level and then redistributed based on an allocation model," said Schaffer. "What happens in other counties that have community college districts actually impacts the amount of revenue that may come back to LCCC."

Schaffer says the college is working to put more need-based financial aid on the table.

"We've started putting some significant resources aside that are focused on need not just merit so that if we end up raising tuition we can actually help students with increases in the cost of attendance," said Schaffer.