Okay, maybe it's a little soon to cue the Christmas music, but the extensive work it takes to create Casper's annual Holiday Square event starts far ahead of time and is about to get underway.

Beth Andress with The City of Casper and Keep Casper Beautiful says the Parks Department is getting ready to start hanging the many thousands of lights in Conwell Park before the snow starts falling. Organizers are also in the process of gathering business and individual sponsors for the celebration.

"A lot of what we do, it's fun, it's family friendly, and it's free," says Andress, "but there are costs involved so to try to offset those costs we seek out sponsorships. Those sponsorships help us pay for things like free hot cocoa and cookies for everyone. They help enhance the lights. Two years ago we added that big huge Christmas tree that went to music, and last year with the help of sponsors we did the whole park to music."

Andress says, with the help of sponsors, they hope to add even more enhancements. "Just the other day Automation Electronics sponsored our countdown clock so we're going to have this cool screen that does a countdown clock, announcements, and will also show some graphics during the light show."

The Event: The Holiday Square lighting will take place on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. The annual Reindeer Relay benefiting the Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care will take place prior to the lighting. The light show will remain until the end of December.

Sponsorships: If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, whether as an individual, business or organization, you can log onto www.keepcasperbeautiful.org and look at the opportunities. You can also contact Beth Andress at (307) 235-7562.

Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media
Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media

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