It's been quite the rollercoaster for the Yellowstone Garage.

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In 2022, John Huff, the previous owner of the Yellowstone Garage Bar & Grill, and The Hall on Ash, announced the restaurant's closure. In December of 2022, however, new owners came on board and, in kind of a funny story, announced that they would be re-opening Yellowstone Garage.

Now, however, it looks as though the restaurant is closing once again.

One of Yellowstone Garage's biggest highlights was that it played host to Rock the Block every week during the summer. When Yellowstone Garage originally closed, the owners of Rock the Block stated that they were still going to produce the event. And they did, completely separate from YG (though they still used the area in front of the restaurant to put it on). When the new owners announced its reopening, many people assumed it would play host to Rock the Block yet again this summer. And while the Garage may be gone, Rock the Block will, hopefully, keep on rocking.

But they need the community's help.

"Hello, our beloved community," Rock the Block wrote in a Facebook post. "We just wanted to take a moment to remind all of our fans that while it's heartbreaking to see the second closure of the Yellowstone Garage, Rock the Block was created as an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the purpose of providing safe, free family entertainment in Casper, with a concert-like experience, without the concert-like costs, as a result of the first closure."

The owners continued, writing that they want to continue to offer Rock the Block to the community, whether it happens in front of the Yellowstone Garage, in an open field, or somewhere else; though, they stated, they would ideally like to continue to call Downtown Casper 'Home.'

In order for it to continue, however, they need help from the community. The event costs money, they wrote. And it will only be possible through sponsorship funds.

"There are truly so many moving parts to Rock the Block, that require funds of some sort," the post stated. "We believe that our artists should be compensated for their time, not paid through "exposure," whether that be the band for the evening, our event production partner Dynamic Sound and Lighting who often spends the majority of the day setting up and tearing down, our security staff, not to mention our bar staff, garbage cleanup crew, cleaning the porta-potties, and so much more."

The post noted that last year's concerts were able to happen thanks to donations from a variety of donors, including John and Wendy Huff, silent donors, and others.

"Whether we advertised your business on our video wall, or you left a dollar in our collection locations, we thank you," the post stated. "Rock the Block would have not made it as long as it did last summer without your contributions."

This year, they need even more contributions. And that's where the community comes in.

"To move forward, Casper, we need your help," the post pleaded. "We're a small operation, with a desire to bring big things to our city. We physically don't have the manpower to make knocking on every business door in Casper an option. We can, however, set up automated tools that help us communicate information quickly and accurately, and allow us to route you to an individual within our network who can help you. We have poured our sweat and tears into this event for you, our beloved community. But, if we are going to have a hope of returning for 2023, we MUST raise funds that make it possible."

Those interested in sponsoring this highlight of Casper summers can visit the Rock the Block Facebook page.

"So, to summarize, we are looking into ways to make Rock the Block happen," the post concluded. "It is our sincere hope and desire to continue to offer this to our community, but, we need help to make that happen."

Final Rock the Block is the End of an Era

For years, Rock the Block had been a staple a summer nights in Downtown Casper. Stationed outside of Yellowstone Bar & Grill, Rock the Block was a chance for the community to come out, eat some food, drink some beer, listen to music and, most importantly, spend some time together. 

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