A massive gust of wind blew a group of storage units off their foundations in Alcova and dumped them in the North Platte River on Monday night.

"There were about 11 of the 25 units, basically it was just the frame of the structure itself," said Theresa Simpson of Natrona County Emergency Management.

"It separated from the rest of the building, and that was thrown probably, I'm going to guess, about 30 yards into the river," Simpson said.

"None of the contents were disturbed," she said. "That is pretty odd."

The owner of Dam Site Storage, Dick Fenster, is waiting for representatives of the insurance company, she said, adding there is no damage estimate yet.

How the structure will be removed from the river remains to be seen, Simpson said. "They're exploring a number of options to get that out."

The National Weather Service is reviewing its data about the storm to determine whether it was a tornado, wind shear, or a straight-line wind, Simpson said.

No one was injured, she added. See more photos below...

Townsquare Media/Roger Gray
Townsquare Media/Roger Gray
Townsquare Media/Roger Gray