A Casper man has been charged with 14 counts of burglary in Natrona County.

Jason Max Braham was arrested on Aug. 31.

Bond was originally set at $100,000 cash or surety but was amended to $75,000 cash or surety on Sep. 19 by Judge Brian Christensen.

On Aug. 07, at about 3:07 PM, police were notified of a storage unit that had been broken into. The owner said that the burglar made off with 30-40 boxes of Tops NFL 1990 football cards -- valued at about $2,000 -- and two large grey totes of DVDs and PS2/PS3 video games worth $1,000.

The maintenance man told investigators that the locks had been cut on 18 units.

According to court documents, a surveillance camera shows Braham using bolt cutters to remove the locks before entering several units. The footage was turned over to investigators.

Before he was arrested, Braham was interviewed by the Casper Police Department; he told them that several units had gone up for auction but didn't sell. Braham advised that he had been given permission to clean them out before their contents were taken to the landfill. He says he was also given consent to "remove damaged locks from the units."

Braham told police he had pawned some of the property, sold some on Facebook, and took most of it to the landfill.

Police asked him about a green trunk. Braham said that it appeared to be full of paper, so he threw it in the dump.

A detective later learned in an interview with the trunk's owner that it had contained approximately $10,000 in silver coins.

At the time of his arrest, Braham was on felony probation.

In June, he was charged with six counts of auto burglary, two counts of felony credit card fraud, one count of grand theft, two counts of petty theft, and two counts of child endangerment.

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