You didn't think he was really gone for good, now did you?

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Last year, the Casper Police Department kept the community abreast of their ongoing investigation into a certain 'Mean One's' various Casper capers.

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The CPD eventually detained this coward, this grump, this...grinch!...and arrested him.

But now, it looks as though he either posted bail, made parole, or knew a guy who knew a guy who knew the District Attorney, because The Grinch is back on the streets and, yes, the CPD is looking for him once again.

That's according to the Casper PD, who wrote on their Facebook page that The Grinch has left WhoVille (or, like, the Natrona County Detention Center) and returned to Casper.

"Citizens of Casper, it is with great caution that we must notify the public of the following information: The Grinch has returned to our City!" the CPD wrote. "A brave citizen captured these images of the Grinch hiding out in town. At this time, it is unclear what his intentions are in our community- but we will take no chances. Watch out Mr. Grinch, the Casper Police Department is coming for you!"

If his intentions are anything like last year, the community can expect that this cad will try and steal the Community Christmas Tree from David Street Station.

Making matters worse, The Grinch won't even have to make it across an ice skating rink in order to steal the tree. So, the CPD will rely even more on members of the community to notify them of any Grinch-Sightings.

K2 Radio News will continue to update this developing story as more information becomes available.

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