Casper City Council will decide whether to move forward with an informal public hearing against Ward II councilman Craig Hedquist that would occur later this month.

City officials say the hearing would occur in place of a contested case hearing against the councilman. Casper mayor Paul Meyer says the item will be debated by council during Tuesday's regular session.

“It was a consent (agenda) item, but (Ward I) councilman (Keith) Goodenough called and requested that it go on the floor, so there will be a debate at council,” Meyer said.

If approved, the hearing would be scheduled for Apr. 29.

During the hearing, if council decides Hedquist violated conflict of interest laws, council could either issue a public reprimand or request that Hedquist resign from the elected body.

The city of Casper and city manager John Patterson both accuse Hedquist of violating conflict of interest laws. Hedquist owns Hedquist Construction, which does contracted road work for the city.

The city accused Hedquist of committing workplace violence during a profane altercation last August. Hedquist has since apologized for using “unfiltered language” during the argument.