Attorneys representing Ward II Casper City Council member Craig Hedquist are making allegations of attempted illegal police surveillance in an amended lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday.

Hedquist's legal team is now claiming Casper city manager John Patterson asked former Casper police chief Chris Walsh to install a hidden surveillance system in the city council locker and coat room with the intent of catching Hedquist doing some sort of illegal activity.

The documents also allege Patterson asked current police chief Jim Wetzel to run Hedquist's license plates to see if he lived in the ward he represents.

According to the documents, both Walsh and Wetzel declined the requests.

The city claims Hedquist breached state conflict of interest laws by attempting to use his political power to leverage more-favorable contract terms and road construction deals for the Hedquist-owned Hedquist Construction. He also faces a possible contested case hearing later this year.

In December, Hedquist apologized for using “unfiltered language” during a profane exchange with a city engineer. After listening to a recording of the altercation, a city-hired attorney found Hedquist guilty of committing workplace violence.

Ward I councilman Keith Goodenough, mayor Paul Meyer and Patterson opted to not comment on the situation. Calls to Hedquist's legal team and Ward III councilwoman Kenyne Schlager were not returned to K2 Radio on Friday.

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