A memo to Casper City Manager Carter Napier shows that $108,415.30 has gone unpaid for the past five years.

Per Wyoming Statute, this balance can be discharged if the list of the accounts meets certain requirements. The debts are uncollectible if the account holders are dead, 'exhuasted,' or have filed for bankruptcy.

"Staff is always cautious to release any debts as uncollectible. Unpaid debts are referred to a private collection agency. But after five years of collection effort, those debts have not been collected. It has become exceedingly unlikely that additional effort expended on collection will result in any additional payments," reads the memo.

At tomorrow's council meeting, councilmembers will vote to write off the debt. In 2023 the council dismissed nearly double that amount.

A break down of the unpaid debts can be viewed here.

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