Captain Mark Trimble will be serving as the interim Chief of Police for the Casper P.D.

An announcement was made by the City of Casper, that City Manager John Patterson appointed Trimble to the position, and will assume the post early next month.

Persons in the position of Police Captain have typically served as interim chief in years past, as was the case with the current Police Chief Chris Walsh.

"That's what they've done in the past," says Assistant to the City Manager, Fleur Tremel.  "They have the Captain serve as the interim Police Chief until a new police chief is selected.  Walsh, actually, served in that capacity before he was made Chief of Police when Tom Pagel left."

Tremel says that the search for someone to fill the position permanently is currently underway and that the response for applicants has been good, and they have received applications locally and also from other interested persons out of state.

Capt. Trimble says that he's looking forward to serving in the position but likely won't institute any changes for the time being.  "You know, between now and then I don't have anything in different in mind, aside from what we're doing," says Trimble.  "Obviously moving forward, should I become the chief full time, I'll look to implement some of my own ideas into the department."

Trimble went on to say that he does plan on applying for the permanent position.

Trimble has served in the Navy before joining the Casper Police Department in 1995. He joined as a patrol officer and worked in several specialty areas including FTO, Special Response Team, Motor Officer, and Detective Sergeant among other areas.  He was promoted to Captain in 2011.