While the sun may be shining, there's still ample snow on the ground and the City of Casper is doing their best to make roads drivable for Casper residents. The City of Casper snow plowers have been working day and night to make the roads safe to drive on and, now, they need a little help.

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The city of Casper is asking that residents of the Kensington Heights neighborhood in Casper (Ardon, Boots, Gramin, Grove, Stout) move their cars this afternoon (January 3) to make room for snow plows.

"If at all possible, PLEASE REMOVE CARS FROM STREETS to make room for plow trucks," the city of Casper wrote in a Facebook post. "In an effort to beat the incoming wind, City crews will be coming through THIS AFTERNOON (Jan. 3), and the more room we have, the better your streets will be."

The city noted that they will be prioritizing wind-prone neighborhoods for their initial snow-removal. They will announce other areas soon.

"Our snow plow removal balances current weather conditions, forecasts, staffing, equipment, traffic, access to medical care, schools and a host of other factors," the city wrote. "It’s not perfect, and we understand some of you may feel left behind, but our crews are doing their best. Every neighborhood and every citizen is our top priority. You rely on our streets to go to work, take your kids school and live safely and happily in Casper."

The plows are currently en route to the neighborhood, according to Casper Fire-EMS.

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