In celebration of the Ford Wyoming Event Center's upcoming 40th anniversary, city council has agreed to provide the center with $50,000 for its continued operation.

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Visit Casper CEO Brook Kaufman said to the council at their bi-weekly work session about how important the event center has been to the community throughout the years.

Kaufman said since it was finished being built in 1982, it has provided the community with a host of events that all the council members have some memory of, from rodeos to music concerts.

Council Member Amber Pollock said she felt the money was would be well spent as it would be needed to help get people back into the event center after the dip caused by COVID-19.

Council Member Bruce Knell said he feels the relatively small amount of money will be well spent, as the city gets a large return on investment based on how many people show up for the events at the center and end up spending money on a variety of businesses in Casper.

The money the council provided would be for the center to help with advertising for another year and received the approval of every member present.

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