Casper police arrested a woman Tuesday after she was allegedly found to have been in possession of methamphetamine while caring for a seven-month-old child.

Juanita Whitmore, 23, was booked into jail on recommended charges of child endangerment with methamphetamine and methamphetamine possession.

Whitmore, who was under state supervision at the time, was contacted by two Casper police officers and a probation and parole agent at roughly 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The agent told officers that Whitmore was suspected of using methamphetamine at her home, where a child also lived. It was also believed that drugs were being transported from vehicles at the residence and drugs were being stored inside the home as well as the garage.

Whitmore arrived at the probation and parole office with an unidentified baby and told officers that she was babysitting for a friend.

A search of Whitmore's vehicle allegedly turned up two glass pipes, a pair of syringes and two small baggies containing nearly three grams of meth and methamphetamine residue, respectively. A marijuana pipe was also found inside the vehicle.

Whitmore told officers she did not know the baby's last name, nor did she know the name of the baby's parents. She did know the name of the child's grandmother.

Officers determined that the child's parents were both incarcerated at the time. The baby was taken into protective custody and the Wyoming Department of Family Services was contacted to place the child.

The probation agent and two police officers followed Whitmore to her house. She told officers that she is married with a two-year-old daughter, but both of them were stuck at the courthouse with no ride home.

Despite having told the officers that she had a house key, Whitmore reportedly opened the front door with a butter knife.

Marijuana and methamphetamine paraphernalia, including needles, were found inside the home. Inside the garage, officers found additional drug paraphernalia including syringes, multiple methamphetamine pipes and a handgun. Police say the serial numbers had been filed off of the weapon.

Near the gun were a number of tools bearing the first name of Whitmore's husband, who officers confirmed is a convicted felon and thus is prohibited from possessing firearms.

Whitmore said she would "take the charge" regarding the gun and would not "snitch" on her husband. Although she claimed ownership of the weapon, Whitmore could not provide police officers with an accurate description.

Officers tried to find Whitmore's husband, Donald Whitmore, but were unable to locate him. A regional 'attempt to locate' bulletin was aired for him.

The police officers also notified the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives about the handgun with the serial numbers which had been removed.

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