Here's your weekly heads-up. The Casper Police Department says due to the high volume of traffic complaints they've been getting, they'll be conducting weekly high visibility traffic enforcement in various areas and they're letting the public know where they'll be by posting on their Facebook page.

For the week of January 15th, 2018, Officer Darren Douglas will be conducting high visibility traffic enforcement in the following areas.

  • School Zones around Kelly Walsh High School
  • School Zones around Sagewood Elementary School

Last week Officer Douglas made 77 traffic stops in the schools zones located around NCHS and Centennial Junior High, and issued 103 tickets for traffic violations.

From the Casper Police Department:

"CPD is encouraging everyone in our community to be conscientious while driving through school zones. By advertising these school zones each week CPD is hopeful that individual’s habits and driving patterns will be altered while driving around our community. CPD would like to thank the drivers who obey each and every school zone in our community!"

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