The City of Casper will conduct its first study of downtown parking in more than 17 years, according to a news release from the city on Thursday.

The study, scheduled to begin this fall, will review existing parking assets and land, the interests of those who live and work downtown, an analysis of current and future demand, high-priority issues, and short- and long-term management plans and ways to pay for them.

At its June 27 work session, Casper City Council decided to direct the study to address the increasing demand for parking in the Old Yellowstone District and downtown as these neighborhoods grow. The last parking study happened before the creation of the Old Yellowstone District.

The Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization approved $80,000 for the study in its budget for 2017-2018. About 91 percent of the funding comes from the Federal Highway Administration through the MPO for transportation planning and studies in the Casper area.

The MPO, the city's planning division, and the Casper Police Department will coordinate the study.

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